4 Color Printing Board Game Box

4 Color Printing Board Game Box

The game box, as its name suggests, is the box used to package game products. The consumer group mainly are children, teenager, young people or even older. So the design and printing of game box must be pay more attention to the artistic value of goods. The color requirements are also high.

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4 Color printing board game board:

Game packaging plays an extremely important role in communicating with consumers in their own unique image language, and when consumers first see it, they are interested in the products they package. The light and heavy contrast of color use is also one of the important reproduction methods in the use of packaging colors.

4 color printing box

Four-color printing refers to a printing machine that uses a black, medium blue, brown, and green ink to achieve a lithographic printing method for map copying. Although in practice, due to the deformation error of the "mesh" during the printing process and the limitation of the visual recognition threshold, the color that can be obtained by four-color printing is much less theoretically. 4 color printing still as the important printing mode to manufacturing products.

Heidelberg Speedmaster CX102

The factory is equipped with the Heidelberg Speedmaster CX102 press, which maintains a 102mm print format while incorporating the XL 105's advanced technology in paper feeding, delivery, paper feeding, drying, color management and press control. Four color, don not have to worry about the other color, because it only use 4 color. It also saves a lot because most online printing companies that use this process offer affordable prices, especially for offset presses.

Customized cases are shown as follows:


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