C2S Paper Board Game Box

C2S Paper Board Game Box

Double-sided coated paper is a kind of coated paper, which is double-coated, with good smoothness on both sides. The size of a single sheet of paper on the market is generally divided into two sizes: positive (787 mm × 1092 mm) and large (889 mm × 1194 mm).

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C2S paper board game box

As a box for games, most of them are colorful and have product features. In the picture of its outer packaging, there is a symbolic color block, a color point, a color line or a concentrated content highlighted by the color, which has shown the characteristics of the game. In addition, the game box printing combined with technology, the pursuit of ingenious originality and unique visual effects is a major advantage of game packaging anti-counterfeiting.

Coated two sided paper 

The double copper paper surface is very smooth and flat, with high smoothness and good gloss. It is one of the most commonly used paper types for game boxes. The surface is bright, uniform coating, fast ink absorption and good printability, suitable for delicate color printing. For the purpose of exquisite printing, the surface of the base paper is coated with a coating, and the general coated paper is calendered by a super calender.

Game box design

How to design a box that suits your game is very important for designers or publishers. From the shape of the box, the size, the printed graphics of the surface, etc. are all factors to consider. CYW is an experienced manufacturer working with a number of US design teams to understand the requirements of game box design. Can provide you with satisfactory works.

Customized cases are shown as follows:


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