Custom Made Board Game Box

Custom Made Board Game Box

Increase your game sales by customizing blank boxes or custom cardboard boxes with an attractive look. BGM Custom Game Boxes showcase quality and highest value for your board game production needs. Create exciting board games and make fun card games with the best board games around the printer.

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Custom made board game box

We can help your game customize made your personal game box. Put all your game rule book, game titles, game cards, game boards and game accessories in an attractive game box. In addition, there is a hard box that makes it easy to carry your game and share fun with your friends and family. These boxes are a durable and elegant package for any type of board game.

Game box design

After designing the game boxes that fit your game, we found that the size of the paper has a big impact on the size of the box. Choosing the size of a box will first cause damage to the ship's possibilities. Personalized game box design is a design method that involves a wide range of influences. Both the product itself and the social effect have a great correlation and influence. The shaping and performance of the packaging image is developed into a natural and lively humanized and organic shape, which gives the packaging personality quality and unique style to attract consumers.

Box Die-Cut

When designing the package, it is necessary to think systematically and analyze the actual situation with different angles and positions to establish and understand various factors that should be considered. The die-cutting process can make a printed matter or other paper product into a die-cutting die according to a pre-designed graphic, so that the shape of the printed matter is no longer limited to a straight right angle.

Customized cases are shown as follows:


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