Board Game Store Money

Board Game Store Money

In a game, money has different expressions and uses. Therefore, there are many printed materials, such as paper, plastic, metal and even wood. But their common point is that they need custom printing to mass produce to appear on the game.

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Board game store money

If there is no special requirement for the game money, it will default to coated paper. Because it has a flat surface and a high whiteness, it also gives the printed graphics and pictures a three-dimensional effect. It is one of the main papers used by printing houses. Can be printed on one or both sides. Can ensure consistent printing results.


Round money


Paper money

Surface lamination process

Although the surface of the coated paper is smooth and flat, in order to protect the product from use, it will be discolored and damaged in the future. The factory will default to the lamination process after printing. It is applied to the surface of the printed matter by hot pressing to protect and increase the gloss. It not only improves the gloss and fastness of the printed matter, but also prolongs the service life of the printed matter. The printed film after lamination can significantly increase the added value of the product.

Production efficiency

In order to ensure production efficiency, the factory facilities are perfect, and benchmarks are set for each printing press. Factory operators, equipment maintenance personnel, and middle management personnel will promptly put forward their own ideas and suggestions, and implement them appropriately and appropriately. CYW is committed to providing customers with comfortable, high quality and efficient printing production services.


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