Custom Print Board Game Money

Custom Print Board Game Money

In fact, printing your own game money is easy and fast. You only need to inform us the size and quantity of the game money you need. Of course, if you have your own design documents, you can also send them to us. The factory will arrange the printing production directly.

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Custom print board game money

Board games are usually printed matter, but each is different. Custom game money printing can add extra shapes and sizes to match the board game. Most board games us paper money, which is one of the basic elements of many board game. When playing board games, it adds depth to the game. Game is an interesting consist part of the game, not only for it’s use but also for the unpredictable.


Custom print money


Board game money

Multi-color printing

Factory printing uses a 6-color press to achieve Hi-Fi color printing. Compared with the four-color printing, it improves the reproducibility and authenticity of the printed color by adding red, green, blue, orange and other color inks to the C,M,Y and K four-color printing. Hi-Fi printing technology can truly expand the printing color gamut of the image, making the image color brighter and brighter, closer to the natural scenery of the natural scenery, and achieving the highest level of printing quality.Multi-color printing

Quality control team

CYW has always adhered to international quality standards and produces products from recyclable, reusable printing materials. In the pursuit of quality while ensuring that it does not pollute the environment. At the same time, the factory set up a special quality inspection team, strictly control each brush process, the printing effect of each product, to avoid embarrassment and unnecessary trouble. CYW hopes to be your honest board game money manufacturer.


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