Monopoly Board Game Money

Monopoly Board Game Money

Monopoly board games include game virtual currency ranging from $1 to $500, representing the player's tin tokens, dice, property contracts, chance cards and public cards. In addition, the game includes wooden or plastic houses and hotels that can be purchased and placed on the property owned by the player.

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Monopoly board game money

As one of the best-selling and popular board games in the history of the game, Monopoly players need to buy and sell real estate using the game currency (commonly known as the “monopoly currency”). The goal: to let other players go bankrupt. The best way to achieve this goal is to monopolize certain property types. Nearly 800 million people around the world have played monopoly.

Game money printing

Usually, game money printing methods are divided into single-sided two-color printing and double-sided four-color printing. The same is true for regular recommendations. However, as a manufacturer of custom printing, we offer and accept any printing method you want to help you improve your game accessories. More lithography is used. Lithography can be multi-color overprinting, which can withstand the pressure and ensure the correct text transfer and transfer.

Board game money manufacturer

As a professional game producer, we can not only produce a complete set of games, including all the accessories in the game, all of which can be custom printed and produced. Our distinct advantage is our real and direct costing, good and safe products, personalized communication and great responsibility, and on time delivery. Over 100 molds at hand/in stock to produce more than 100 kinds of game pieces involved in game industry. Custom game figues available.

Customized cases are shown as follows:


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