Offset Printing Board Game Money

Offset Printing Board Game Money

The rules of using some of the money for table games sometimes cause some controversy, because many people have different rules for playing various games. Production printing meets the game money you want, not only for game designers to consider, but also for manufacturers to think about.

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Offset Printing Board Game Money

Monotonous game money will give players a sense of visual fatigue. So how to make it look more refined and attractive is an important goal of game printing. 

The production material of the game banknotes is usually 80-100 g offset paper. However, due to the different materials of the offset paper, the price difference is also very large. For example, the price of color offset paper is almost double that of white offset paper.


White Offset Banknotes


Color Offset Banknote


Color Offset Paper

Offset Printing Method

Offset printing has become the mainstream printing method for printing. We respect the environment and protection of the environment: not using fountain solution, it is very beneficial to the environment. We aim to use recyclable material to print your game money. With offset printing, its plate making process is simple and important is low cost. At the same time, the color version is accurate and the plate is easy to copy. The print is soft and soft. A large number of prints can be printed.

CYW Board Game Service 

CYW has 10 years of experience in the production of tabletop games, and cooperates with the American design team to ensure not only the quality of the printing, but also the latest design and printing information of the money.



IMG_1513 - 副本.JPG

IMG_1515 - 副本.JPG

CYW, there is ample supply for consumers to buy the products they need in a factory. At the same time, it includes one-stop service, front-end packaging, transportation, restoration and other one-stop boutique services. CYW is not just focus on the quality on words, established a control team to inspection the whole printing process. In order to allow customers to place orders with confidence, we offer free printed samples. It also accepts third-party audits for mass production.


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