3D Complex Printed Miniature Figurine Game Pieces 3D Technology

3D Complex Printed Miniature Figurine Game Pieces 3D Technology

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3D Complex Printed Miniature Figurine Game Pieces 3D Technology

A 3D figurine or 3D selfie, also known as “mini-me” and 3D portrait refer to a 3D printed miniature figurine of a person (or a couple), based on a photorealistic 3D scan. 3D printed figurines are great gifts for life events, such as weddings, graduations, family reunions or birthdays. In the case of a anniversary, it is possible to create a 3D printed miniature figurine and use it as cake topper. Different size options are available for 3D figurines, from a few centimeters to sizes based on your request, as offered by the Chinese company CYW. Some professional-grade 3D printers are capable of 3D printing in multicolor or fullcolor, in material such as sandstone or paper for example. A photorealistic miniature 3D printed statue of the person feature in vibrant color and with a high level of details. 

Last but not least, for animal lovers CYW is also specialized in pet 3D scanning and pet 3D printing. We can also provide full-color 3D printers which are different than dual extruders 3D printers (or multi-extruders 3D printers), which can print in two, three or four colors but do not offer actual full-color 3D printing. The use of very common material, allows the printer to produce affordable full-color prints. Compared to other technologies or printers requiring proprietary print materials, this economical approach could be the difference between a profitable and money-losing 3D selfie business.

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