3D Printed Miniature Figurine 3D Technology Advanced Technology

3D Printed Miniature Figurine 3D Technology Advanced Technology

We have researched 3D printing technology for many years. As a result, we have the most advanced technology, equipment and technicians. Specifically, we can design various kinds of figurines with the most professional technology, equipment and experts. After receiving your initial product file, our technical staffs will discuss product details with you. ​

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Product Details

3D printing can also be known as additive printing, which creates a physical object from a digital design. Every 3D printing product begins with a design file or blueprint. Compared with normal printing, 3D Miniature Figurine requires a high level of printing technology. We introduce a set of equipment to satisfy the requirements of 3D printing product manufacturing. 

We aims to clearly understand your expectation, so we establish a complete support service system. Through this system, our clients will be served by our technical staffs. They will regularly communicate with you to collect your advices. Then, we will regularly update our product design blueprint. The communication between our clients and use will not stop unitl our clients are satisfied with our board game product design. 

The following pictures show the sculptures that are designed and manufactures by our technicians, which are quite popular in the foreign market. Clients can require any images for us for design and manufacturing. 

If you have any questions, welcome please feel free to contact us.

Email: boardgame@cywproduction.com 



Material: Resin, plastic 

Method: 3D printer, or Molding and hand-spray paint 

Product Size: Any size available. (as per your request) 

Finish colour: Any color(as per your request), hand paint

Widely used as promotional gift and collection 

Logo can be added per your requset.

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