​3d Printed Miniature Figurines Printing

​3d Printed Miniature Figurines Printing

3D printing is a great scientific breakthrough that revolutionizes the prototyping industry, especially for miniature creation. For game lovers, it is definitely a piece of great news. CYW as a renowned game manufacturer introduces this cutting edge technology to produce exceptional board games and game pieces.

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3d printed miniature figurines printing


Compared to the traditional way to create miniatures, 3D printing allows ideas to develop faster than ever. It only takes one day for you to get your finished creatures and this reduced development process helps your company stay one step ahead of the competition. Another strength of 3D printing is cost-effective. Prototyping injection mold tools and production runs are large investments, but the 3D printing allows the creation of game pieces at far lower costs. Our company made the investment in this advanced printing technology to provide our clients high quality products at even lower prices.


Our professional 3D printers are able to create excellent resolution for objects. Our high-detailed miniatures are extremely welcome among clients across the globe. By taking advantage of our 3D printers, you are no longer limited by the manufacturing machines or methods. It allows you to create anything you can imagine. Making all your ideas come true is not a saying but a reality. In addition, we have a team of design experts who have more than decades of years in this field of board games. You would be always backed up their professionalism and expertise.


Building a great reputation has never been easy for a company. We treasure our established prestige by ensuring the best possible quality of our products. Not only do our products comply with the international technical standards, but also our materials, facilities, systems and services are well approved by ASTM international, ICTI and EN71. 

Customized cases are shown as follows:


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