​3d Printed Plastic Miniature Figures

​3d Printed Plastic Miniature Figures

Purchasing branded toys and board games for children can be expensive and children are easily to feel bored of those toys. 3D printing offers a great opportunity to give your children what they want and less money is spent. CYW is a board game supplier with cutting-edge printing technologies and decades of experience.

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3d printed plastic miniature figures

Our company introduces the start-of-the-art 3D printers to deliver the exceptional printing results. Our 3D printing enjoys many edges over traditional printing methods. First, it helps reduce energy expenditure in the manufacturing process and ensures every penny you paid is wisely spent. All the energy is concentrated on the manufacturing products, instead of being wasted on cutting and drilling. Besides, 3D printers allow almost everyone to design their own game miniatures. Even for a child who is able to draw reasonably well, we can produce miniatures wearing his or her favorite clothes and holding certain weapons. Your children would be so proud of a set of miniatures that are printed with their own design. Besides, as a professional board game manufacturer, CYW has a range of printing equipment and technologies. And we don’t have minimum order requirement. Whether large or small, we’ll provide you the premium printed products to the best of our ability.


Over the past decades, we have gained great reputation from our clients across the world. There’s nothing more precious to us than the hard-earned recognition from customers. We therefore conduct the most rigorous quality control over all the products we manufacturer. Plus, our exported toys fully comply with the international toy safety standards, such as ICTI, ASTM and EN71. It is guaranteed that our board games are perfectly safe for your children to play with.


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