Custom 3D Printed Board Gaming Plastic Miniature Figures Maker

Custom 3D Printed Board Gaming Plastic Miniature Figures Maker

As an experienced manufacturer of board game, we have enough capability to produce 3D printed board game pieces. We will work with our American team to produce the ideal design for your products. We strictly manage the producing process to ensure the quality of our board game pieces.

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Custom 3D printed board gaming plastic miniature make


Custom 3D printing gaming plastic miniature is popular in use as gifts, Board games or just popular by selling at a 3D boutique, it is in a growing marketplace for both individuals and businesses demand in term of ability to customize the products, and rapid production of prototypes.





3D printing and inject miniature

Many customers think that the price of 3d printing miniature will be lower, but for the manufacture of large-scale miniature, the advantage of 3d printing is not great. Usually 3d printing within 500 sets is still acceptable. Moreover, the modeling fee for 3D printing is actually not cheap (it is much cheaper than the mold cost for injection molding), and the greater advantage of 3D printing is the production of prototype.

CYW board Game Miniature

Our manufacturer produces any types of miniature figurines based on your request, whatever your project, we can help you in design, modeling, prototyping and we produce it for you. Our professional design team in United States will come up the best solutions for your ideal design requests based on rich experience in 3D products designing. You can choose the 3D printing material in acrylic gem, large custom 3D printing gaming miniature will need plastic filling or other available 3D production technique. 

CYW Board Game is universe of custom 3D Printing gaming miniature, we provide the commercial custom 3D printing gaming miniature with competitive price, CYW board game is your best choice. 

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