Custom Large Printed Plastic Board Game Dice Maker

Custom Large Printed Plastic Board Game Dice Maker

We understand the significance of environment protection, so we apply recycling materials to manufacture plastic board game. We introduce high-end equipment to improve quality and efficiency of product manufacturing. Our products have been certificated by EN71 and ASTMFf963.

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Custom large plastic dice make


Large plastic dices are great for outdoor activities particularly produced for kids who require a lot movement in an activity or simply more fun just by its large odd shapes. Large plastic dices are played with other game components in a board game are quite popular in recent years. 


We are experienced manufacturer in producing large plastic dices for various uses, mainly for your custom board games, they are normal dices,only in larger sizes. Large plastic dices at our stock are available in 1",-1/4" of a normal standard size die, or we can design and manufacture the large sizes based on your request. Our experienced dice design team in United States will work closely with you based on your ideal patterns and various creative large measurement in order to create your special large plastic dices. We hope a good quality custom large plastic dice making you a best memorable time in term of games.


Sets of single custom large plastic dice or custom large plastic dices in Board game sets are made to order in our manufacturer. Our custom plastic game dices have best price with high standard quality, small quantities, packaging options and different payment method are accepted.

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