Custom Plastic Game Dice and Board Game Dome Dice Maker

Custom Plastic Game Dice and Board Game Dome Dice Maker

As professional board game manufacturer, we emphasize the importance of innovation. We continuously develop new technology and materials. Game dice is a significant component of board game. Our customers can tell us your creative idea. Then, we can design and manufacture according to your innovation. We can offer high-quality product in the minimum lead-time.

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Custom plastic game dice and board game dice maker


Custom plastic game dice using in various ways. Using custom dice rolls in a board game to indicate the random chance and there are often two or more players participated. The structure of custom board game using plastic dices are usually undertaken for enjoyment or an educational entertainment.   


Board game dices are often played in sets, matching in color,of six different shapes. We manufacture board dices with square edged, multi-color dot game dice or other types of plastic dice. You can also decide on a 10-sided common die, or a pentagonal die on your custom dices. Our professional design with rich experience in designing high-end custom board dices is at your service.


Our custom plastic game dice and board game dice are in a board game set with a detailed instruction, card board, and deck of game cards or figurines, board dices help players to understand the function of dices in a game, in order to improve their better game skills. High-end quality and affordable price of CYW Board Game is your Best board game producing partner. 

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