Custom Plastic Game Tokens and Board Game Tokens Maker Manufacturers

Custom Plastic Game Tokens and Board Game Tokens Maker Manufacturers

We aims to contribute to environment protection, so we use Eco-friendly materials to manufacture plastic game pieces. As custom game pieces, we respect your requirements. We will design product according to your requirements. We will communicate with you frequently collect latest information. We can offer flexible order volume and free proof.

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Custom plastic game token and board game tokens make


Custom plastic token and board game tokens come usually in a set of board game with decks of cards, boards and dices. Board game using dices is very popular, imprinted Plastic Token has advantage in terms of a long use, flexibility of colors and sizes.


Our custom tokens made of durable plastic with various colors, such as gold, lime green, orange, pink, red, purple, yellow and white colors tokens, we can also provide other varieties in colors, dimensions and designing packages carried out by our experienced token team designers in America. We produced additional colored and different printing patterns on both sides of custom plastic token and board game tokens for the world buyers in last ten years. A hot-stamped imprint plastic game token print-to-size to ensure long use consecutive numbering are available at our stock. Quantity pricing is available for your inquiry . Other materials of metal token and wooden tokens apart from plastic token are available to customize your board game tokens as well.


Small quantity orders and optional packaging, payment method are accepted. Environmental friendly transportation is encouraged. 

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