Large Printed Plastic Board Game Dice

Large Printed Plastic Board Game Dice

The larger dice offers better readability and is ideal for use outside. CYW has been manufacturing a large variety of creative board games and game pieces of different materials for decades.

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For customers, dice might just be a game component that you enjoy playing with, but for us, it means far more than that. As a professional game supplier, we spare no effort to think hard and work hard to improve the playing experience. Every dice in your hand represents our decades of great efforts and refined expertise. The attention to details and pursuit to excellence makes the way we are.


Our dice is constructed of high quality material that is 100 percent eco-friendly and provides a nice and long-lasting die. Our company is very generous in introducing top-notch equipment and training courses. These empowered us to deliver the best quality products for worldwide clients. Our screen-printing has many advantages over other printing methods. First, the composition and thickness of inks enables screen-printed dice to withstand far more stress than others while keeping the perfect imprint. Plus, our screen-printing achieves such vibrant colors that are almost impossible to achieve by other techniques. The results printed by other methods like direct to garment look quite paler compared to our screen-printing. Last, as it allows for greater thickness of ink than other techniques, it offers greater possibilities of finishes. The dice can be either single polished without ink applied or full gloss polished with colored ink.


As a professional board game manufacturer, all the products, materials, systems and services at CYW fully fulfill the International standards of ASTM, EN71, ICTI and so on. It is guaranteed that we are a quality oriented, reliable and responsive game supplier.


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