Plastic Game Dice and Board Game Dome Dice

Plastic Game Dice and Board Game Dome Dice

Plastic game dice is perfect for you to use with your board games, and also to play alone. It adds a lot of fun to your leisure activities. CYW. is a renowned specialist in manufacturing board games and game components.

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custom plastic game dice and board game dome dice maker


To produce the transparent and durable dices, we select the materials of highest quality, the polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) that has good impact strength. Other elements like paraffinic oils, glycerol or fiberglass are added to further reinforce the overall properties of plastic dice. As to our printing service, our company is equipped with different printing technologies including offset printing, Flexo printing, screen-printing and more. Our experts would assist you to choose the suitable choice according to your volumes and needs. Our each press method can produce the tip-top printed results that would perfectly represent your company image. Also, they are cost-effective, too. Through the past years, we further improved our printing efficiency to ensure your every penny is well spent. Meanwhile, we provide an endless list of coatings to protect and decorate dices. Our UV coating is one of the most popular choices to make dices free of UV degradation and increase their lifetime. The other choices include glossy, matte, silver or gold hot stamping and many more.


Plastic dice can be customized too. If you want it for your children, we recommend dice with rounded corners, which would protect your baby from possible dangers caused by sharp edges. But if you want it for professional casinos, you need dice that has precision-edges and corners, because this construction would be most likely to ensure fair probability. Apart from different edges and corners, other aspects of customized dice are also up to your choice, including colors, sizes, dot arrangements, packages and more. 


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