Plastic Game Pawn Pieces and Board Game Pawn

Plastic Game Pawn Pieces and Board Game Pawn

Plastic pawns can be used as replacement pieces for board games, arts and crafts projects and classroom activities. CYW takes advantage of expertise and advanced technologies to produce high quality assorted game pieces.

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custom plastic game pawn pieces and board game pawn maker


Our board game pawns feature hard plastic material, bold colors and glossy finish. They are made of all eco-friendly materials free of any possible negative effects on your health. We apply our best glossy finish to these plastic pawns, which makes them resistant to scratches and easier to clean up.


Over the past decades, we have made consistent efforts to improve our printing technologies. Now we boast of a complete range of press techniques to fulfill your business needs. For plastic printing, we employ the screen-printing, the best product decorating option for bold image or two-sided image on cylindrical plastic parts. It produces high quality printed results and is also cost-effective. With our screen-printing, we are able to print a full wrap image on plastic parts in only one pass. Furthermore, you can choose single color, multicolor or UV screen-printing are all available. Multi-color screen-printing presents more vibrant look for your game pieces. We’re able to screen print up to four colors and they need four separate passes in total to ensure good color-to-color registration.


Our company also provides the customized game pawns. You can take advantage of our professional design talents and cutting edge technologies to add a personal touch to board games. There’re a wide range of options for you to select in terms of sizes, colors, shapes, and packages and more. Most importantly, we offer you assorted choices of coatings, like matte, spot UV, embossing and debossing, hot foil stamp and so on.


CYW. board game manufacturer offers the best game pieces at economical prices. 


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