Plastic Custom Game Pieces

Plastic Custom Game Pieces

CYW specializes in manufacturing plastic game pieces for more than ten years. Our robust manufacturing capability allows us to meet our customer specifications accurately using our extensive library of custom options. As an ISO registered plastic game piece manufacturer, CYW guarantees all the products are high quality and exceed the expectation of clients.

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Plastic game pieces are more durable and versatile, compared to cardboard pieces. They are essential part of a board game and offer players great playing experience. Many people even collect plastic game pieces as a life long hobby. Therefore, plastic game pieces become more and more popular. The most cost-effective and efficient way to make plastic game pieces is to find a reliable manufacturer offering the fast turnaround time.


CYW offers the comprehensive skill set across engineering, plastic production and project management teams, giving customers a full service resource from initial expert advice to after sales support. Our plastic game components can be manufactured completely according to the requirements of customers. Our experienced engineers work closely with our customer to identify the most suitable custom options like materials, shapes, structures, colors and provide the seamless solutions. Over the past more than ten years, our skilled plastic fabricators and engineers use their expertise and resources to create large number of cost-effective, quality plastic game pieces to meet the diverse needs of our clients around the world.


CYW is an ISO certified plastic game component manufacturer, an international business standard adopted by numerous countries worldwide. We have been committed to supplying the highest possible quality plastic game pieces since CYW’s founded.

Customized cases are shown as follows:


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