Custom Monopoly Board Game Dice and Red Monopoly Dice Experienced Maker

Custom Monopoly Board Game Dice and Red Monopoly Dice Experienced Maker

We want to produce board game dice that satisfy our clients' expectation. As a result, we pay much attention to customers' requirements. We can print different patterns and colors on different sides of dice. We also provide complete support service, so customers do not need to worry about shipping of products.

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Custom monopoly dice and red monopoly dice


Custom monopoly board game using dice has been very popular game lasted for more than decades in United States and Europe, because the game is designed to compete, to increase the financial concept and strengthen the players game skills as a game series. All monopoly board game selection is popular to world parents, as the variety of monopoly game has its own collection value, that is a good way to pass to the children as a monopoly gift too.


Dice plays an important role in monopoly game. It is normally a six-sized white cubic dice with dots on it, our manufacturer can customize various types dices for custom board game monopoly, using different materials, such as plastic, wooden and metal dices available based on your requirement. You can also simply choose one at design stock with our design team in United States, we can also design your unique custom dice by using your favorite patterns or copies. The high quality dices we provide reach out to an export standard but with competitive price, we have been a world board game sets and components suppliers in China, and our monopoly dice and red monopoly dices are your best choice in a board game set. 

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