Custom Monopoly Board Game Movers Maker

Custom Monopoly Board Game Movers Maker

Our design of board game will be directed by our clients' requirements. We are glad to hear your creative idea. We will adjust the feedback in terms of your feedback. We want to expand the market, so we can offer a reasonable product price and flexible order quantity for you.

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Custom monopoly mover


Monopoly board game is a popular game in United States and Europe. On monopoly board game, two or more monopoly players compete in the game, and there is only one monopoly player winner who become the richest person at the end of the game by beating off others. Custom monopoly board game is a classical boardgame for young people because it is a type of casual and educational board game series, it develops the quality of ambition and perseverance in young people.


We offer high quality custom monopoly movers, you can customize your own monopoly mover, and we are the excellent manufacturer to produce it for you. Our professional American designing team will be honored for supporting your unique idea, we make your fantasy real. There are various different types of monopoly mover samples for your reference, CYW Board Game is your best choice.


Custom monopoly movers come with a card board and other game accessories including key-rings, dices and card board in a monopoly set. There are various normal dimension and box option based on your request. Small quantity is acceptable. 

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