​monopoly Board Game Dice Custom Printing

​monopoly Board Game Dice Custom Printing

We’re all familiar with dice and their purposes. They bring us a lot of fun as a part of board games or a collectible. CYW has decades of experience in manufacturing high quality board games and game pieces. Our beautifully printed dice are extremely welcome among our global clients.

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monopoly board game dice custom printing


Our monopoly dice can be fully customized. You can choose the materials ranging from wood, plastic and even metal. Their dimensions, shapes, and colors are all made according to your specific requirements. For each die, there’re two areas can be colored, the face and the pip. The most popularly color choices are red, white, blue, yellow and black, but you can also put your unique spin on bespoke dice by adding some more colors.


To deliver the most amazing printing results, we adopt the offset printing as our principal method. Our offset printing presses can produce consistently high quality results, and offer our clients a wide range of options to choose. As we have established a broad customer base in Europe, North America and Asian countries, we are capable of reducing your per unit costs even if you have a small quantity of print job. Besides, we have many quality control checkpoints throughout the whole manufacturing process from file and production prepress to the shipping of finished products. The most vital inspection is to check the printing results as they are coming off of the press. Our dedicated press engineers are very vigilant while crossing reference printed results with a previously made proof to conform color accuracy. Their great efforts ensures that our printing quality stays high during the whole entire print run.


Both our board games and game pieces receive the international certification from the quality control organizations including ICTI, EN71, ASTM, and TUV.

Customized cases are shown as follows:


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