​monopoly Iron Game Piece Custom Manufacturers

​monopoly Iron Game Piece Custom Manufacturers

As a dedicated iron game piece manufacturer, CYW is capable of producing high quality custom printing and manufacturing service. The past more than ten years witnesses great reputation and broad customer base build by CYW.

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monopoly iron game piece custom manufacturers


Iron game pieces are most standard yet most crucial components to board games since they are designed to represent players. Compared to other game pieces made of plastic or paper, iron game piece is incredibly strong and almost indestructible. They are extremely popular among young game lovers and many people considered them as collectible items. For the game inventors with creative ideas, CYW is the perfect business partner to transform your great ideas into popular board games.


At CYW, you have a huge selection of materials and manufacturing techniques for you to full customize iron game pieces. Your iron game pieces can be constructed from durable zinc alloy, copper or brass. The high quality material prevents the iron game pieces from wear and rust. They are able to stand up for years. Besides, our customized iron game pieces come in a variety of shapes and sizes to best fulfill your business needs. Through more than ten years of great efforts, CYW has become a leading iron game piece supplier that combines production expertise and cutting edge equipment as well as skillful co-workers. For you novelty idea for iron game pieces, CYW conducts the thorough and rigorous quality inspection to supply you premium quality products. Our iron game pieces are approved by international standards of ICTI, ASTM and EN71 and more.

Customized cases are shown as follows:


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