Custom Wooden Board Game Pawn Piece Maker

Custom Wooden Board Game Pawn Piece Maker

As an ethical organization,we use the Eco-friendly material to manufacture wooden board game pieces. We will design the product according to your requirements. Specifically, you can require any components of game pieces such as size, color quantity and so on. We will design game pieces based on your requirements.

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Custom wooden game pawn piece maker


Board games using wooden game pawn pieces playing on either a card board or a part of cloth made of wool, is believed to be created around 4th century. Wooden pawns or shells are seen as the pieces to bring luck to players because they are used to determine moves of each player. Custom wooden game pawn used in board game has been very popular for centuries and wooden pawns are still being used today, included in a set of custom board game.


Wooden pawn is customized made with various standard wood material collection in our manufacturer, you decide with our US based creative design team in order to deliver your unique idea, and our manufacturer will produce your customized wooden pawns with different measurement, colors, clearly polished finish or a matte finish followed by your request. Our business goal is to provide you an unique custom board game playing experience. Different packages and quantities are accepted.


Wooden game pawns are packed in one board game set with other game components, such as dices, board, cards and figurines. All materials are available, we are experienced manufacturer for your 3D game products printing as well, most of our products are exported to the American and European markets with outstanding standard and affordable prices. We are your best board game supplier in the world. 

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