Wooden Board Game Pieces Environment-friendly Materials Ideal Design

Wooden Board Game Pieces Environment-friendly Materials Ideal Design

Wood is a creative material of game pieces, which are popular among consumers recently. As a responsible manufacturer of board game, we persistently apply recycling system in the manufacturing process.Also, the appearance of wooden board game can be determined by our customers. We will patiently record your requirements before design and manufacturing of custom board game.

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Our standard luxury rosewood  Go Board is the perfect choice for go stones contrast for a beautiful effect. The board cover of the natural rosewood makes a wonderful playing area. The wood grain varies greatly producing unique patterns making each chess board individually unique.The chess board is sealed in a polyurethane finish 

that both protects and enhances the natural beauty of the wood!

Our Custom Wooden Game Token has been embraced by the USA and European market with optimism, we offer high-end Custom Wooden Game Tokens with affordable price, it has been the consensus reach by our loyal customers around the world. Our high quality Custom Wooden Game Token is your best choice. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us. Email:boardgame@cywproduction.com


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