Wooden Board Game Pawn Piece Custom Maker

Wooden Board Game Pawn Piece Custom Maker

CYW empowers game designers around the world to focus on game ideas and deliver their creative concepts into end products. With vast amount of experience, we employ the cutting edge printers to produce the high end board games and game pawns. CYW is one of the best board game pawns suppliers in China with certification of EN71, ASTM and ICTI.

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wooden board game pawn piece custom maker

Wooden game pawns gives players a natural feeling in comparison with pawns made of plastic materials. They have much longer service life as well. People would love to spend a little more money to purchase the wooden game pawns that may refresh the playing experience of their old board games. Wooden game pawns, as an important part of board games, have bright business prospects.


CYW has the professional knowledge and leading edge technologies to offer the high quality custom printing service for game designers and enable them to just focus on their creation. At CYW, every aspect of wooden game pawns can be completely customized, including shapes, colors, materials, varnishes and numbers plus packaging means. The wide array of printing options for the premium wooden game pawns is available at CYW. Our offset printing service provides the unrivaled quality features high-resolution image quality and spectacular colors.


CYW has been providing and will continue to deliver top quality commercial printing quality at competitive price, super quality and outstanding customer support service.

Customized cases are shown as follows:


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