Wooden Board Game Playing Tokens Piece

Wooden Board Game Playing Tokens Piece

Tokens, as an essential part of board game, have a great effect on our enjoyment as we play games with friends. Also, well-designed tokens can arouse the interest of people to play board games. Our company has a great deal of experience in producing a range of board game pieces, and the wooden token has been our star product.

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Custom wooden board game playing tokens piece maker


As to raw material, our wooden tokens are made of oak or birch trees that are 100 percent natural. The top quality material makes people feel close to nature while playing games. For children who’re really into playing board games, many parents are concerned about whether the chemicals of tokens would affect their babies’ health. But if you chose our products, there’s no need to worry about. Our company has been striving to minimize the impacts on natural environment since its foundation. All the materials we have used are completely eco-friendly and very safe to people’s health.


A wide range of different token patterns is available for you to choose from. Two commons ways to make token patterns are printing or engraving. If you want to have your own logo or artwork printed or engraved on tokens, you have the support from our well-trained overseas design team. All you need to do is to tell our design team what your idea is. Then the design staff will have a discussion on your idea and give you professional suggestion. Our committed staff will spare no effort to revise design draft until reaching the final consensus on the token pattern.


The comprehensive customer service is also our strength. We would give the timely response to your any inquiry and consultation. So does the after sale service.


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