Wooden Board Game Role Playing Pawn Piece

Wooden Board Game Role Playing Pawn Piece

Wooden board game pawns are one of the most flexible pieces to include in your game. If you are tired of the existing set of game pawns, our company provides you another more fancy pawns to refresh your passion for your board game. CYW. board game manufacturer produces board game pawns in a variety of colors, and measures.

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custom wooden board game role playing pawn piece maker


Board games are not only a great pastime for children and adults, but also important to children’s mental and social development. As children spend more time playing board games, many parents are very careful to select the board game components that are free of any unhealthy ingredients. Our company has laid the top priority on the product quality since we were established ten years ago. Our wooden game pawns are made out of all natural wood materials so that our products are 100 percent safe for kids and adults to play.


Besides, we select only eco-friendly finishes for our wooden pawns. For example, our company applies the water-based finish in which water replaces many flammable and polluting ingredients that are included in many other finishes. We therefore use it to mitigate the environmental and health impact and eliminate the fire hazard. In addition, our water-based finish does not affect the color of the wood surface so that you can enjoy the natural look of wood texture. Apart from the water-based finish, our company offers many other varnishes for you to choose from. The quality and safety of other varnishes are also well guaranteed.


Our company is well known for our efficient delivery service. As we have established solid partnership with many international logistics companies, our clients are able to enjoy the special discount of shipping cost. 


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