Bridge Card Game Set Customized Printing

Bridge Card Game Set Customized Printing

Bridge is a very challenging sport, and fighting is also brave. In fact, the bridge is an intellectual sport that is completely different from other card games. It fits the concept of sports and is a competitive project and not just a game of entertainment.

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Bridge card game set customized printing

Bridge is a competitive intellectual sport that tests the player's multiple abilities such as logical reasoning, analysis, and tacit understanding with teammates. The bridge is like an invisible door. The outsiders are "deep and fearful" and the insiders enjoy themselves. A bridge has 52 cards and the suits are the same as the cards.

Bridge card craft

The embossing process can deform the pressure-bearing material under a certain pressure and temperature through a mold with concave and convex lines to form a certain pattern, thereby performing artistic processing on the surface of the bridge card. The embossed  cards will make a big difference in feel. It is more upscale than normal printed cards and will take longer to use. In addition, bridge card printing requires control of bleeding. It requires 0.3mm per individual bleeding, and each face of the box also requires a separate bleeding of 0.5mm and a back bleeding of 0.3mm. When using imposition printing, the maximum use size of the paper is utilized.

Card box printing

For the printing of the card box, the common box has a simple packaging and top-bottom box two choice for your select. If you have special requirements, we will customize the matching playing cards separately. The company has been established for 10 years and has many years of processing experience, let us know more about your idea. The annual production of playing cards is about 120 million. The products are exported to Europe and America and are deeply loved and trusted by consumers. Please contact:

Customized cases are shown as follows:


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