​extra Large Face Playing Cards Printing

​extra Large Face Playing Cards Printing

Are you bored of the standard playing cards? Do you want to add a touch of specialty to your game night? You need no further look. CYW specializes in manufacturing card games of great varieties. Our products can also be completely customized to fulfill your requirements.

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extra large face playing cards printing


Over the past decades, CYW has served our thousands of clients with beautifully printed board games. All the materials we use and every single manufacturing procedure ranging from pre-press to after sale service has to go through most rigorous quality inspections. That’s why our outstanding board games not only gain the certification from the international toy safety authorities, but also are highly praised by our clients worldwide.


With decades’ of experience, we take advantage of cutting-edge technologies to deliver the high end printing service. The perfect combination of offset technologies and traditional silkscreen techniques opens up a world of options for our clients. We’re equipped with the ultimate dream printer—Heidelberg SM 102 Color Profector. If you are looking for cost effective printing solution, flexibility and top quality results, our offset printing is the answer for you. Our offset printers use plates to transfer the image onto a rubber blanket first and then they roll the image onto paper rather than transfer the ink directly onto the paper. As a result, it produces the amazing colored reproduction as well as clean and professional final touch. The ink is only exposed to those areas that need to be printed, and a thin film of water would protect other areas from unwanted inks. Furthermore, our clients have access to a large variety of inks, colors, paper types and coatings. The printing experts at CYW would offer the most down-to-earth suggestions to help you make the informed decisions.

Customized cases are shown as follows:


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