100% Plastic Playing Cards Printing

100% Plastic Playing Cards Printing

Plastic playing cards have become more popular among card game enthusiasts. CYW is a leading board game manufacturer that offers you a huge selection of game cards of high quality.

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100% plastic playing cards printing


Recent years have seen the dramatic increase in the popularity of plastic ones. They are more durable and resistant to bending, creasing and scratching. People who like outdoor activities would fall in love plastic cards immediately. They are perfect for people to play on the beach, near the pool or any humid places.


Our plastic playing cards are made of top quality polymeric plastic materials that allow cards to last 20 to 50 times longer than average ones. Most importantly, our game cards are fully recognized by both European and American certification authorities. The advanced printing technologies at CYW give card a professional look with vibrant colors and exquisite texture. Besides, we use the aqueous coating on the printed cards, protecting inks from everyday handling and exposure and producing a professional edge. Our aqueous coating can be applied in line or off line, wet on wet or wet on dry. It’s available in many different finishes like high gloss, matte and satin. Compared to other common coatings, the aqueous coatings our company selects have better clarity, high abrasion and more rub resistance. We also adopt the leading edge precision-cutting machines so that each card is clearly cut to the identical size. Before those cards are ready for final packaging, all four corners are carefully rounded off.


During every phase of production, we have several inspectors to check card’s specifications like physical appearance, dimensions, consistency and other characteristics. Our plastic game cards can also be customized according to your specific needs.

Customized cases are shown as follows:


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