Large Giant Playing Cards Custom Printing

Large Giant Playing Cards Custom Printing

Large giant playing cards are necessary for social activities, parties and warm living. It ca be used as a game, a decoration, or even as a funny gift. In the front and back of the card and the box on the content of advertising, so that playing cards become an advertising carrier.

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Custom printing large giant playing cards

The large fonts and pips on giant playing cards make them much easier for people with vision impairment to read. They are also ideal for teaching young children card games. As people grow tired of standard playing cards, the large playing cards have occupied more and more market share. It retains the corner number and color of ordinary poker, so that the basic functions of poker can be preserved.


Playing cards


Custom large playing cards

Printing methods

To produce the best print effects for your large playing cards, we have introduced many different printing methods, which include full color offset printing, flexographic printing and silk screen printing technologies. Our Germany full color offset printers are able to achieve the brilliant luminescence, tone of color and unmatched clear print quality for your giant playing cards. Color printed by color matching, also known as four-color printing.

Professional manufacture

CYW is a comprehensive organization that designs, proofs, plates, prints, staples, packages and transports. After years of exploration and development, the scale of the factory has been continuously expanded, and the quality of the products produced has been upgraded. We are also become the ASTM and EN71 as well as ICTI certified large playing card manufacturer. For game inventors with unique game ideas, CYW has best printing equipment and experts to deliver exceptional large print poker games for you.


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