Large Playing Cards Printing For Bridge Clubs

Large Playing Cards Printing For Bridge Clubs

The giant printed playing cards bring the same amount of joy for bridge lovers while not straining their eyes. Considering the great business prospects, playing card inventors show their great interest in designing playing cards.

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large playing cards printing for bridge clubs

One deck of large playing card contains 54 cards include 2 jokers. It is bigger than standard playing card and most appear in bridge clubs or as a decoration. Custom printing playing cards easy use, novelty style, different color options available. Relying on CYW for custom printing service for your great idea, your playing cards are sure to be outstanding compared to other peer products.


Playing cards

卡牌 手绘 03.jpgSpecific options

Visual effect

For the consistent quality and well-defined printing for large playing cards, offset printing technology has been used in our factory. High quality printing result makes the large font and images on bridge the playing cards look more clearly, making people with vision challenge to focus on the playing joy instead of struggling see things clear. And printing expert team can guide and help you through the process of creating the superior printed playing cards. PANTONE color is your standard basis, used to establish your basic color standards for bulk production approval, enough to ensure continuous and reliable color reproduction.


Long-term service

Large bridge playing cards fully fulfill the international quality standards of ASTM and EN71 as well as ISO standards. Long-term and long-term repetitive use can meet the needs of players, and will also increase recognition and visibility for your company. Manufactured from eco-friendly and durable paper card, the large bridge playing cards have much longer service time. CYW provide you with more implementation experience, long-term service and stable quality.

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