Unique 3D Lenticular Poker Playing Cards Set

Unique 3D Lenticular Poker Playing Cards Set

3D lenticular printing is to make the picture appear three-dimensional on the plane, making the picture realistic, as if it is at your fingertips. Three-dimensional lenticular printing products are currently showing a thriving scene around the world.

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Unique 3D Lenticular Poker Playing Cards Set

3D printing uses a principle that simulates the spacing of the human eye to produce a spatial difference. The pixels of different angles and levels are recorded on the photosensitive material to present a 3D effect on the plane. 3D printed lenticular playing cards allow people to clearly see the wonders of the stereoscopic picture and the fun of the game without any tools.

Lithographic offset printing

3D printing is generally printed using a lithographic offset printing process. The lithographic offset printing is better in plate making, printing overprinting precision and printing durability. The printed product has better stereoscopic effect, stable plate making, and mass production. The quality of printing has a significant impact on the visual effect of stereoscopic images. Therefore, we use high-precision four-color printing machine to print, the ink is smooth and does not fade.

Credible vender

Our factories have exclusive latest designing software with strong functions. We also have large designing team with strong 3D lenticular designing abilities. All in one, we can provide you world-class lenticular products at a very reasonable price. We are specializing in supply playing cards, playing cards set, custom printing 3D lenticular poker, card game, etc.


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