Kids Card Game Set

Kids Card Game Set

Who stole the fun of the child? Want to let your child relax and gain little knowledge during the break? The custom-designed children's card game is tailored for children and gives children a unique and novel experience. It is a good companion for parent-child interaction and children's party games.

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Kids card game set:

Board puzzle interactive game. Puzzled children's card games can be customized to print the desired patterns or numbers, which is a trend that keeps up with children's fashion trends. You can print any popular, child-loving image on it, and play the role of education and learning while the child is playing. Teach through lively activities. Size and shape can be produced as you like.

Printing equipment

There are many options for the printing process. Spot UV is partially glazed on the part where the card needs to be protruded, and the glazing pattern is brighter, brighter and more stereoscopic than the surrounding pattern, and produces a unique artistic effect. Double-layer double-row oil pouring heat glazing machine, YW-700180 paper embossing machine and other professional equipment for poker glazing, oil, embossing and other special processes.

Quality and safety cards maker

The company adheres to the quality policy of“full participation and continuous improvement” and has established a sound quality assurance system and value-added service system. Through the certification of ISO9001 quality management system, we have continuously improved our quality management services and won wide acclaim from domestic and foreign customers. The custom designed and produced children's game cards not only guarantee the printing effect, but also pay more attention to quality and safety. Create a healthy gaming environment for children.

Customized cases are showns as follows:


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