Personalized Printing Kids Card Games Manufacturer

Personalized Printing Kids Card Games Manufacturer

Children trapped in a doctor's waiting room or airport? Looking for an easy way to entertain them? Kids card game can provide what you want. Playing with children cannot communicate with them, teach them, also exercise kids memory and thinking ability. It is a good way to play.

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personalized printing kids card game manufacturer

If you have a deck of cards and the kids are big enough to recognize the numbers, then you can do it. There is no need to have a special card to play with many old-fashioned favorites, and others may be new to you. Teach them basic card rituals while you are playing. CYW provide custom printign service. You can design your kids card that we can make your idea come true. We are the magician of the kids card game.

Multi color printing

Games designed specifically for children, the choice of color is naturally bolder. With bright colors, it protects the eyes and attracts the attention of the child. Custom printing service is our priotity aims to make your game wish become real. This is a board game that is also suitable for the whole family. Simple cards, simple fruits, and simple digital additions allow players to enjoy board games in the fast-responding stimuli, as well as extension cards with animals. can choose.

Ten-years experienced manufacturer

The card has a general size of 57*87 or 63*88. In order to suit the child's hand, we offer custom printed cards that can be small. Let the child feel more comfortable with the hand. We help you determine the most appropriate and cost-effective materials and optimizations to make your custom kids card game eco-friendly. Nearly ten years of experience in game production and export is our unique advantage.

Customized cases are shown as follows:


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