Strategy Card Game

Strategy Card Game

The word Strategy comes from the Greek word "στρατηγια", which means "the talent of the general." A strategy game is a game that takes the form of victory in various forms. It can be combined with war games or it can be used as a card game alone.

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Strategy card game

Modern strategy card games, which are the same as early strategy games, are just more complicated and interesting. A game that perfectly reflects the game thinking, especially when the number of player are more, the strategy is quite strong. Card strategy games, pay more attention to the simple and clear game experience, out of the box, quickly meet your needs to challenge logical thinking, in exchange for a sense of accomplishment.

Offset printing

A variety of printing methods can choose. Take offset printing as an example. Offset printing has all the characteristics of indirect printing, that is, the printing does not directly contact the paper, and the relative friction between the printing plate and the blanket is smaller than that of the printing plate and the paper, which can reduce the wear of the printing plate and improve the printing durability of the printing plate. rate. If you ask for printing, we will change the printing method to ensure the finished product.

Production line and efficiency

The factory has 5 lines of game cards and playing cards varnishing auto production line, daily varnishing over 10 million m2. Over 10 sets of card die cutting machine to ensure the efficiency and the quality. We cherish every piece of printed product, so 100% manual inspection quality. To ensure the quality of the products delivered to you. CYW is willing to be your long-term partner. Welcome to inquire.


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