Trading Card Game

Trading Card Game

Trading card game is also known as the collection of card games and customized card games in the Anglo world. Released in 1993, the card is printed with special artwork or patterns that are separate from the playing cards. It is a kind of strategic card game. The theme is diverse.

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Trading card game:

The Trading card game is usually defined as a game: the starting player will own a card, set it up in different categories, and complete it in the game through competition or swap. It usually starts with a prepared card, and the other is obtained by random or trading with other players. The meaning of the Trading card game is to defeat the player's opponent by collecting the card combination.

Card embossing process

A card must be subjected to at least printing, grouting, drying, calendering, oil-die cutting, inspection and packaging. The cloth effect makes the card look more upscale. The cloth machine consists of two parallel steel rolls. When the card paper passes, the texture on the steel roll is pressed onto the paper to form a cloth effect. Generally, it is treated before or after filling, which has a certain influence on the stiffness and hardness of the card paper. The surface of the embossed card presents different patterns and textures, and has a distinct embossed three-dimensional effect, which enhances the artistic appeal of the pressure-bearing material.

CYW operation principle

CYW has been exploring a fast-paced road. After the initial outbreak, printing + Internet has begun to gradually precipitate, providing customers with personalized customized services. The color management system is adopted to ensure the accuracy of the color, which not only ensures the quality of the printed products but also reduces the waste.

Customized cases are shown as follows:


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