War Card Game Cards

War Card Game Cards

The war card game is based on the traditional card game, a new situation derived from the game. It is specially designed for war strategy gamers. Face to face fighting and fighting, killing in the game. CYW aims to make your idea come ture.

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War card game cards:

There are many kinds of board game. War-themed strategy card games are getting hotter. Neat print cards, realistic print patterns, complete game rules. Give the player a real game realism on the desktop. The production card can be printed separately, or a set of games such as rules, game boards, etc. can be printed. Size and shape can be customized for you.

Glazing process

The glazing process refers to coating (or spraying, printing) a layer of colorless and transparent paint on the surface of the printed matter. After leveling, drying, calendering and curing, a thin and uniform transparent bright layer is formed on the surface of the printed matter to enhance The smoothness of the surface of the carrier and the finishing of the printed graphic. The glazing process has become an important means of card finishing, which not only makes the card pattern more beautiful, but more importantly, it is an important process for forming a moderately smooth hand.

Your honest card game maker

After the die-cutting machine cuts, we will post-press the four sides of the card. Prevent players who see cards that are too sharply hurt. Provide players with a good war card game entertainment experience. We are a manufacturer of design, printing, production, transportation and integration. It is our mission to provide quality service. Our guests only need to wait for payment at home, we will arrange everything for you.

Customized cases are shown as follows:


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