Board Game Manufacturing Companies

Board Game Manufacturing Companies

CYW is an enthusiastic team of skilled manufacturing engineers who’re passionate about their work and have vast experience in manufacturing board games. Over the past more than ten years, we have been offering a more efficient way to supply the best custom manufacturing and printing service for game designers or companies to develop unique board games.

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Board Game Manufacturing Companies

Board games are a perfect way to help people let off steam in their spare time, and socialize with classmates, colleagues and friends. In the pleasant atmosphere of playing board games, they can bond with each other naturally. Furthermore, board games can be used as an effective and engaging educational tool to foster the important life skills in children. The wide application of board games ensures the considerably great business prospect

China Board Game Manufacture base

The tabletop production base is mainly concentrated in China and Europe, and 70% of the world's tabletop games are produced by Chinese companies. Not only  China have a well game industry chain structure, but the quality of table games produced in China has also reached a very high standard, and compared to Europe, the cost of production of table games in China is even lower. 

For Example,the same 10,000 sets of black core game card, the production price in Europe or the United States is about 0.75usd, but in China it may only need 2-3rmb. After deducting the cost of freight and customs, China's production cost still has a big advantage.



Printing Workshop


Assembly Workshop


Die Cutting Workshop

CYW Board Game Manufacturing Experience

CYW Board game has serviced nearly thousands of clients to manufacture board games and turn their ideas into top grade products. At CYW, the scientific principles are applied to develop and refine the manufacturing process of board games. Our engineering staff is knowledgeable and experienced and they can ensure the whole manufacturing process smooth and trouble free. Our custom printing is widely recognized by our clients worldwide and increases the added value for board games. No matter what printing color or pattern you want, CYW can fulfill your requirements in efficient way. Our high tech printing technologies can achieve the full color photography grade print results with great details and vibrant colors.


ASTM And EN71 Certificate Service

CYW is an ISO certified board game manufacturer and holds the accreditation of ASTM and EN71. We offer the wide range of custom options and personalized customer service to make the whole board game manufacturing process hassle free and cost effective.

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