​educational Board Games Printing

​educational Board Games Printing

It is said that nothing is more important to a child’s development than having a quality family time. But how to make the best use of family time is always a problem bothering most parents. CYW is more than happy to offer you this wonderful solution, that is, our educational board games!

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educational board games printing


Our board games feature 100 percent safety and beautiful printing results. The board games and game pieces we produce are all made from eco-friendly materials that are guaranteed not to impose the harmful impacts on your health. Our products and each production phrase have been well recognized by toy safety certification organizations in both America and Europe.


To achieve the best possible printing results, the high quality offset paper we use has stronger ability to repel moisture when coming to contact with offset press dampening system. Besides, our offset inks feature excellent rub resistance, exceptionally high gloss and color brilliance, and fast physical drying properties. Most importantly, we’re not just conscious about the quality, but we are equally conscious about maintaining environmentally sound practices. Our inks are formulated on basis of renewable raw materials. Last, we have a wide range of cutting edge printers and a staff of very qualified technicians. Our latest technology Heidelberg printer produces the excellent and cost effective options that our clients can’t help but love. Their printed results are characterized by high color consistency, sharp images and vibrant look. The other printing methods such as silk-screen, flexo printing and 3D printing are also available at CYW. Plus, our passionate printing technicians have more than decades of experience and are dedicated to highest quality production and service.


As a professional board game manufacturer, CYW strives to provide extremely high quality educational board games that educate and entertain kids simultaneously!


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