​party Theme Board Games Custom Printing

​party Theme Board Games Custom Printing

Party theme board games have been gaining growth speed in recent years, mainly because they appeal to all the different demographics, teens and adults, female and male. Through decades of development, CYW has become one of the leading board game manufacturers in China, providing top quality board games and game pieces of great varieties for clients across the world.

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party theme board games custom printing


Manufacturing a good party board game starts with the high quality materials—card stocks and print inks. We provide a wide choice of card stocks with different weight ranging from 300gsm all the way to 350gsm. When selecting the right type of card stocks, the card core is the one of the most important factors to consider. For party board games revolving around cards, we select the stronger blue or black core to ensure their longer service span. As to ink, our full-color offset printing uses 4 colors of ink that are applied separately via different printing plates to achieve millions of colors.


We take pride in the beautiful, sharp and colorful printing results produced by our in-house printers. Our lithographic printers are able to print on many different substrates with various thicknesses and sizes. Your board game cards with photographic grade printing are sure to stand out from competition. Besides, we are equipped with silk-screen printing technique and flexographic printers. The silk-screen technologies allow us to print an enormous number of sizes ranging from 210mm x 297mm (A4) to 1450mm x 1850mm, without sacrificing quality or cost. The high quality printed products are robust and keep their color over time. The flexo printers are mainly adopted for print packages.


Our board games are all manufactured complying with the international standards like EN71, ASTM, ICTI and so on. 

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