Russian Roulette Board Game Manufacturer

Russian Roulette Board Game Manufacturer

Legend has it that this Russian roulette originated in Russia in the nineteenth century, and prisoners of prisons forced prisoners to conduct gambling. However, what is recognized by more people is the following statement: It is said that the game can be traced back to the Crimean peninsula, but its real popularity is still in the First World War.

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Russian roulette board game

Russian roulette is famous game all over the world. In this game of luck and wisdom, players can not only experience the atmosphere of tension, but also the joy of the game. A complete set of board games including: Game Box,rulebook, 24 character tiles, 55 gun cards, 6 custom bidding dice, 30 action cards, 42 victory tokens and 6 pocket reference tiles. CYW provide professionally design, prnting and shipping services.

Board game printing

With the concept of printing for the real world, the factory's printing technicians have an average experience of more than 6 years. I know the game is printed. The factory's printers pay attention to detail and insist on the introduction of high quality products. In the factory, the operation of the technicians represents your interests and ensures that the products you produce meet your expectations and requirements. You can be confident in our ability to deliver professional options and complex builds because we have a wealth of experience.

A little bit about us

Every step from design to execution requires communication and planning. The good news is that we have been making production games since 2009 and have completed thousands of projects with independent developers. We are willing to help you make your game and complete your dreams. We value communication and are always available to answer your questions.

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