Wooden Board Game Playing Role Dice Set

Wooden Board Game Playing Role Dice Set

Wooden game dice is a thoughtful gift idea that both kids and adults would love to receive on Christmas, birthday and other occasions. You can play a game dice with your board games or play a great number of other games with it alone. CYW board game manufacturer is an avid and innovative game maker equipped with advanced technology and international professionals.

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custom wooden board game playing role dice set maker


Our wood dice is made of 100 percent natural wood that ensures the durability and gives the dice perfect weight for a comfortable toss. The textured wooden surface makes players feel close to the nature and makes it worth collecting. Our company is well known for the perfect combination of modern technology and traditional craftsmanship. The wood dice set is hand-made by skilled craftsman in China. We take the pride in the passion and commitment our craftsmen have dedicated to their work, which enables each wooden game dice to be truly the finest quality and free of flaws. The wood dice is manufactured with etched corners, which makes it easier to roll. There’re multiple choices in terms of engraved pattern on each dice, including dots, lines, and Arabic numbers. In this way, the dice is made suitable for a number of purposes. Those arrangements are made out of genuine brass.


What’s more, the customized wooden game dice can be made to meet your every requirement. You are free to choose the dimension, dice corner, patterns, accessories, and dice finishing. The dice package is also up to your choice. Our well-trained international design talents are sure to help you with your personalized wooden dice.


Our company has more than ten years of experience in producing board games and game pieces. We attribute our business success to the attention to details and pursuit of excellence. 


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