Custom Printable Trivia Board Game Board Printing

Custom Printable Trivia Board Game Board Printing

Our customers can participate in our board game design process. We will communicate with you to understand your requirements before the product design. After that, we will offer the proof for you to collect your feedback. Then, we will adjust the product design until you are satisfied with that.

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Custom trivia game board printing

Trivia game is a common question and answer board game, and the qustion card is essential. But some game designers will also combine Q&A with some plot development to increase the game fun, so the trivia game board will also be necessary .

Trivia game is a fun game played by 2-8 players, it is suitable for any kind of occasions, such as parties or classroom activities. In fact, most of the trivia game board have already been designed in a certain way so the games  are customized. 

We usually recommend that the game board material is 1.5mm gray board + C2S. Certainly the material can be customized according to customer reuqirement. If not special requiremnt , the game board usually one side printing 


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Board Game Board Making

Game board is paperhanged of Gray board +ArtPaper,you can choose grayboard thickness according to your requirment . Gray board thickness is from 1.5mm- 5mm that can be choosed. 

The game board usually is one side printing ,the other side is made of black card paper. Of couse if the game board design is both side printing ,it is alos can be instead of art paper for printing .

One Step Trival Game solution

We are able to manufacture trivia game board printing based on your favorite artwork. The process of the trivia game board printing is well customized by our design team in United States, our aim is to satisfy each of our customers. 

Various trivia board game pieces are produced with different sizes and shapes. We provide one-stop processing service from designing to manufacturing. It is budget and on time.

We accept the small quantity orders and packaging options. CYW Board Game is your best choice.

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