Educational Tabletop Game Wooden Game Professional Design

Educational Tabletop Game Wooden Game Professional Design

Wooden games are strong and playable, safe and hygienic, not broken, no rust, no sharp edges and corners. Loved by everyone. CYW cooperate with the US team to discuss the blueprint of board game.

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Educational Tabletop Game Wooden Game Professional Design

A game developed specifically for specific educational purpose. It is characterized by both education and entertainment. Is a game as a means of education. Custom designed educational tabletop wooden game with mature theory as the theoretical support, we can achieve a balance between education and game play. A variety of styles for you to choose from.


Customized cases

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Product specification


Wooden games are safer for children than plastic products. We understand the important of product safety for educational wooden game, so we insist to use high-quality materials. Different from traditional wooden games. CYW helps you print your products in a variety of shapes and colors. Automated color registration system greatly improves yield.

CYW Board Game

CYW board game is specialized in the manufacture, development and export of wooden puzzles, children’s furniture, toy musical instruments and wooden tool boxes for nearly 10 years. All of our products are manufactured in compliance with international quality and safety standards. Testing reports would be send to you if you need. Of cause, third party inspection also accepted.

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