Color Board Game Rulebook

Color Board Game Rulebook

After creating a game, what you need to do is to guide you to hele others understand the game. It is not easy to teach a game to the public. This is where the rules of the game come into play. It’s important to write the rules of the game to include a detailed description of the goal, parts and play.

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Color board game rulebook:

The description of the game is a preview and overview of how to give your players a proper use of the game. You can start with a simple game summary or a history of game creation. It should be a short graphic form, it can be illustrated, it can be a plain text version, as long as it helps the player understand the next goal, your description is successful. Certainly, graphic with different color may make the rule more easy understand.

Color resolution

Color resolution is very inportant. Firstly, according to the color standard provided by the customer, the proportion of the spot color ink is given by the computer color matching system; then the ink sample is adjusted, and the color samples of different densities are displayed by the ink level meter and the ink stick meter. Considering that paper is the main factor affecting chromatic aberration, the actual printing paper should be used to "show" the color sample before printing, and the color correction should be made with the color card to eliminate the influence of the paper.

Rulebook printing material

Usually, printing paper uses 128g of coated paper by default. Coated paper surface coated with glazing treatment, can reflect all the colors in the spectrum and obtain the best effect, and has small flexibility, suitable for color printing. In addition, we offer a variety of papers for printing needs from different customers. 

Customized cases are shown as follows:


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