Hardcover Board Game Rulebook

Hardcover Board Game Rulebook

The biggest advantage of the hardcover book is that the protective cover is strong and protects the inner pages, making the book durable. We have all the design tool to skill all the proposal to turn your idea into reality.

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Hardcover board game rulebook

Hardcover refers to an elaborate method of making books. The hardcover book is beautifully printed, not easy to break, easy to use and save for a long time, special design requirements, material selection and process technology are also more complicated, so there are many places worth studying.

Specialty printing

The most prominent advantage of specialty printing is the ability to print on all types of substrates. First, the shape of the substrate is varied, whether it is flat or three-dimensional, regular or irregular, and special printing can be completed. Second, the substrate has a variety of materials, in addition to paper can be metal, plastic, cellophane, cardboard, wood, ceramics, glass, and metal products. Third, the surface properties of the substrate are varied, smooth, rough, uneven, uniform, and so on. Fourth, the size of the substrate is varied, and the large format is large.

CYW printing 

The golden font or pattern often seen in the booklet is to heat the pattern or text of the desired bronzing into a convex version, and then place the aluminum foil of the desired color on the printed matter. After pressing, the aluminum foil will fall to the On the printed matter, this effect is wonderful, and at the same time, the aluminum foil is closely attached to the printed matter, and never fades. As a more than ten years experienced board game manufacturer, our colleague and factory expert workers deeply understand and know how to design, printing and manufacturing good quality games. 

Customized cases are shown as follows:


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