Monopoly Board Game Rulebook

Monopoly Board Game Rulebook

Rulebook is a relatively detailed description of something or object in the way of applying style, so that people can understand and understand something or something. Rulebook must be realistic, there is one to say one, two to say two, and the product role and performance cannot be exaggerated for achieving a certain purpose.

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Monopoly board game rulebook:

In a game, the preparation of a good creative rulebook is very important. A good game rulebook can enable the user to generate a desire to purchase and achieve the purpose of promotion. According to the needs of the situation, use a variety of forms such as pictures, charts, etc., in order to achieve the best description. Rulebook allows players to better understand and use this game product to truly serve players.


Game rulebook


Monopoly rulebook

Printing material 

The general specification uses double copper paper, because the surface of the double copper paper is smoother and more lustrous, which is more high-grade and artistic. The common double copper papers are 105g, 128g, 157g, 200g, 250g and so on. If it is the manual of the booklet, we generally recommend the double-copper paper of 128g and 157g on the back cover of the cover, and the double-adhesive paper of 80g and 100g is of course selected on the inner page. In this way, the entire specification satisfies the texture and saves printing costs.

Prepress and postpress service

We will confirm the required information with you before the production of large quantities. If you have a design and reference picture, we will print it according to the picture. If not, our US design team will design it according to your requirements, and will confirm production and start production. CYW is focused on providing quality service to its customers.


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