Softcover Board Game Rulebook

Softcover Board Game Rulebook

The rulebook in the board game are an essential part of a game. It has a variety of expressions: text, images, stereo, and so on. Not limited to one form, as long as the player can understand the gameplay of the game, it is successful. You can tell me the way you want the instructions, we can recommend the design for you.

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Softcover board game rulebook:

Softcover rulebook, also known as Lite, is a common book binding format that is reformed after summarizing the advantages of the back pack and the cable pack. The main processes include folding, matching, bookbinding, cover and cut-and-light books. A paper cover is generally used. The cost is low, and it is suitable for books with a small length and a large number of prints.




Game instruction

Softcover rulebook printing

The softcover rulebook design is simple or minimalist. The softcover rulebook is slightly different from the hardcover on the printing paper, but in the later printing process, we will help you to make up for this small shortcoming. The softcover rulebook can also print a variety of patterns or text so that the player can know the content more clearly and clearly. In the printing price, there will be corresponding discounts. Suitable for high volume printing production.


Silk-screen printing process

Printing technology can be called the entire process of printing reproduction of visual effects and tactile effect information, including pre-printing, printing, post-printing processing and the like. Silk--screen printing, like other printing, requires accurate reproduction of the text and color of the original. Through the special effects of silk-screen printing, the replica has rich expressive power, and fully expresses the texture and stereoscopic effect of the original content by enriching the contrast between the thick ink layer and the hue.

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